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For direct investment in project planning & development
Economic Impact & Incentive Analysis Planning & implementation
Media relations Tourism strategies
International Trade Client advocacy
Emerging economies Federal, state, local gov.
Client responsibilities

A & R Global Consulting LLC. is a full service consulting firm created by Rich Results LLC and Arace Consulting LLC. and joined by JCR Communications Inc. to provide a broad range of services to a diverse group of clients. Asian Development Group Corporation is a subsidiary created to execute business development in Asia.


• Domestic economic impact and incentive analysis reflecting empirical data demonstrating the value of a project for companies, and communities;

Domestic client advocacy, media and public relations at the international, national, state and local levels;

• Planning and implementation of economic development and tourism strategies for all levels of government and business in the US, Canada and developing countries;

Foreign direct investment, into and out of North America;

Securing investment and specific expertise for projects in countries with emerging economies;

• Drafting and negotiating of legislation creating small business lending and assistance programs, economic development incentives and attraction strategies.

A&R Global Consulting, LLC. brings more than 60 years of combined experience in economic development in the United States and in attracting investment to the U.S. as well as in emerging economies.

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