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ECONOMIC IMPACT & INCENTIVE ANALYSIS | Overview | Introduction | Analysis | Multipliers


A & R Global Consulting brings over 60 years of public and private economic development experience to the preparation and analysis of reports that show the impact on a local, regional or national economy of a company, industry or development project. 

Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience working in state and local economic development. This allows us to design economic impact reports that are targeted to what local, state and national economic development officials and political leaders are looking for and need to have to make favorable decisions for our clients. Along with this practical experience our company also uses one of the most sophisticated econometric models available.

The IMPLAN Model is arguably the most respected economic impact model in the market today. It uses regularly updated data from the US Government and allows A&R Global to interpret and apply that data to an almost infinite variety of economic circumstances. We can produce economic impact analysis at the national, state, congressional district, zip code and county level for any project that can be identified with one or more NAICS codes (previously known as SIC codes)

Our analysis of the project, based upon economic input-output modeling, illustrates what the effects that a change in one sector of the economy can have on the broader economy.  Based upon historical data about the relationships within an economy, the system constructs area-specific multipliers using mathematical formulae that take into account the consecutive iterations of purchases made in response to an increase in economic activity in a given industry.

Using the IMPLAN model we can produce reports showing the total impact of job creation and investment on the region of interest including:
Direct impact Indirect impact
Induced impact Tax Impact on each level of government
A & R Global Consulting looks forward to helping companies and developers demonstrate the true economic impact their company or project currently has or will have on the region in which it is located.
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