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A&R Global continues to be active in developing countries in the areas of infrastructure, renewable energy and residential and commercial real estate.

Real Estate:

In 2007 and 2008 A&R Global, working on behalf of one of China’s largest state-owned construction and development companies, helped bring to a successful conclusion a land preparation project in Sichuan Province by securing significant foreign investment by one of the largest investment banks in the United States.  This complex project focused on negotiating a Joint Venture between the US investment bank and Chinese company to invest in and prepare a three square kilometer piece of land for a major residential development by clearing the land and building the infrastructure necessary to support development of housing for employees of a 14 square kilometer fully developed industrial park.

A&R Global continues to be active in the Chinese real estate market in several parts of the country, including on behalf of a client which is a large developer based in Beijing.  This client is currently building two major mixed use “new towns”, one designed to eventually be home 200,000 people and one which will be home to 80,000 residents.  A&R Global is working with this client to secure foreign investment and expertise in their projects. 

Chinese Infrastructure:

The Chinese government currently estimates that, in order to accommodate it’s rapidly urbanizing population, it will need to construct a minimum of 20,000 water and wastewater treatment plants over the next 10 years.  While the federal and provincial governments are prepared to pay for a significant number of these projects, they are also seeking to attract significant foreign investment in order to meet their ambitions target.  Additionally, the Chinese government is seeking to complete these projects using the most efficient and modern designs and technologies available. 

A&R Global is currently working with both American and Chinese associates to put together an international consortium which will design, build and at least partially finance the construction of 200 water and wastewater treatment plants in small to medium sized Chinese cities (250,000 to 5,000,000 residents)    in one province . Through its international network of contacts, A&R Global is currently negotiating the involvement of major Chinese construction and development companies and design institutes, as well as  internationally experienced western engineering companies which utilize the most advanced and efficient design technologies in the water and wastewater treatment sectors.  Finally, A&R Global will utilize its relationships to secure the western investment necessary to successfully complete such a large number of projects.  

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Projects

A&R Global, working with its clients in the renewable energy and waste-to-energy businesses is presently pursuing opportunities with particular emphasis on China but also in the US and other Asian and Eastern European countries.  Most Chinese cities, due to their incredibly fast growth, face major challenges in trash collection and recycling.  Simultaneously the Chinese Government is pressuring provincial, city and local governments to produce more energy using clean and renewable technologies.  Waste-to-energy, specifically through the process of gasification has proven in recent years to be a method for generating clean energy at a low cost, while simultaneously managing waste collection and recycling.  A&R Global sees tremendous growth potential for this sector worldwide over the next decade and will continue to work with its clients and affiliates in waste collection, recycling and renewable energy industries to capitalize on the firm’s network of contacts in both the governments of Asian and Eastern European countries and private sector. 

Other Client Responsibilities Have Included:
Participating in a strategic master planning effort to validate techniques to be used for industrial and community development in medium and small cities in China, under contract to the United Nation Industrial Development Organization.
Helping a major hotel chain to expand in North America by providing location identification and completing incentive and permitting processes for each site.
Acting as a supervisory consultant to an effort to create a multi-county cultural tourism plan;
Acting as supervisory consultant for a multi-county economic development land use strategy including agra-tourism promotion for the Binational wine and grape industry.
Working with the grape producing industry in WNY and Southern Ontario to start a high nutrient compost business utilizing grape and fruit waste.
Helping a gaming client to secure approval for activities in New York State.
Helping a major real estate investment trust to secure maximum incentives for a 500,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters project.
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